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About Silverbook / Recipes+

More than 14,000 people worldwide have, to date, downloaded this app since its initial release as a recipe book! 
And it is now so much more!

Keep forgetting what you really want to remember?
Have you ever taken a picture, for instance of a restaurant, and thought, "Will I ever see this picture again? …Will I even remember that I took it?" 

If so, then this app is for you! 

Silverbook / Recipes+ takes that picture and stores it in a clever index card system, in which you will easily find it again.
Not only find it, but connect it, to other standard iOS apps such as your calendar and contacts.
You may ask, “But why?” Keep on reading and you will find out. 

This app is even designed to let you link all index cards together, which will  for sure enable you to find any entry without a doubt!

Silverbook / Recipes+ is expanding as we speak!!
So keep an eye out for new updates within the next couple of months. 

Future releases:
• Keep track of those amazing wines you know you will forget about!
• Take notes of books, movies, series or games recommended to you! 

We really can't wait to share Silverbook / Recipes+ and all these new features with you.
We hope you will join us!
The Silverbook / Recipes+ Team  

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Restaurants and Hotels

This is what you do when you see that lovely little restaurant, you want to “keep it in mind”! You open Silverbook -> Use the in app camera to take a picture of the restaurant -> Name the restaurant -> Save it. That’s it! Within seconds you have created an index card for the restaurant. You will soon notice, that with a little extra effort paid to the details of the restaurant, such as the phone number and website, you can make the index card even more useful!

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Enter or copy a recipe to create a beautiful recipe index card. You might even want to make a link in between the recipe and the person who gave it to you, or share the recipe with your friends …anything is possible!

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Contact Wizard

This feature allows you to remember gift ideas, allergies and names of the family members of the people you care about! Make links between a contact and any index card to keep track of which recipes, restaurants or events you have shared with or gotten from the contact. The contact wizard is connected, and will stay connected, to your iOS contacts. Use the contact wizard to create personal notes which are only meant for you! The information will stay in the wizard and will not be shared when you share the iOS contact.

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Take a picture of an event poster -> Name it -> Pick the date -> Save it! An index card has been created for the event and you won't forget about it. Silverbook will automatically create a calendar entry in your iOS calendar. It will even create a reminder for when the ticket sales start! Should you want to share this event with someone, then go right ahead and share the index card with your friends via an iMessage! The event feature can do so much more though, only your creativity sets the limits! Hosting a dinner party? This is the place to organise it. Create the event, make clever links to recipes and contacts, now you will always know what you have served, and more importantly, to whom!